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You see Facebook, Yelp, Foursquare, and Google Places - Facebook has launched its own local directory and local marketing services. This move have been getting a lot of press, and local biz owners are taking notice:

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Biz owners around the country have been flocking to this service afraid of getting left behind as all their competitors sign up. These local platforms is so new that none of the big social media marketing agencies are even offering this service yet.

Now is the perfect time to get in on this action!

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This is fast becoming THE go-to way for patrons to find restaurants, hair salons, bars, and many other 'in the moment’ businesses. These are customers who are READY to walk in and do business, there is NO hotter prospect for a business owner!

Being the first thing a user sees in their area... This sends your customers to your business in droves, and will continue to grow as more and more people use this service.

Clients LOVE seeing results so quickly and their listings at the top IN DAYS


What about Location based push notifications???

I have just introduced a system that allows a business owner to reach out to people who are nearby their location with a special offer. Anytime a customer is within range of an establishment, they see the establishment's special offer right on top of their mobile newsfeeds

IMAGINE potential customerS walking by your shop... And instantly gets notified about a special offer.

This can DOUBLE your walk-in traffic overnight for a business:

Local business check-in

Like foursquare and yelp, Facebook has a check-in system where customers can check into a location and share it with their friends.

When a customer checks in using the facebook app on their phone, they get subscribed to the business's page, and recieve regular updates and promotions. This is the fastest way to turn every customer into a repeat customer, growing your business. (PLUS: When a customer checks-in, their Facebook friends see it on their news feed, providing social proof and free advertising for you client.)

Getting customers to check-into their location is a big factor in ranking your business on Facebook's directory, so I've developed a system that (when executed the right) gets 70% of customers pulling out their phone and checking in on Facebook local.

listen to this experience I just had in a local coffee shop.  

I wanted coffee one morning, so I went on Facebook Nearby to find a coffee shopi have not been too before.  As I walked into the shop, I recieved a notice on my phone about a special deal they had going on for lunch.  While ordering my coffee, I noticed a sign that offered to upgrade my order for free IF I check-in on Facebook (Naturally I did... Can't say no to free coffee).

When I checked my Facebook an hour later, I noticed most of my friends saw that I had gone there and were commenting about how much they loved the place. (Sneaky way to get free advertising)

I immediately decided to replicate this campaign for my own local clients and they LOVED IT

Using this campaign the right way can be life changing for your business. Some of my Restaurants, coffee shops, bakeries, bars, and night life clients have brought in thousands of dollars a night by sending the right offer to people walking by their location (who normally wouldn't have even considered walking into their place).

Using my services and methods can double you're business's revenue

You make you're investment back quickly in new and repeat customers.

(not to mention the money I save you not having to buy facebook ads, yellow pages ads and valpack coupons to generate business.)

WARNING: Unclaimed Facebook listings are ending up as 'rogue pages'

When a business owner does not claim their local Facebook listing, people start checking in, adding photos, and commenting on their unclaimed page

In some cases, a random person claims the listing (often times a competitor) and posts whatever they want on the page. Nothing should motivate you more to take action stop your page by being controlled by someone else (especially if a competitor has stolen your page). We can work with you and the person in order for you to get your page back under your ownership and control!

Reclaiming a Facebook local listing only takes a few days after a submission to Facebook.  

Old Facebook marketing strategies are DEAD

Ever since Facebook started their ad program, the organic reach for fan pages has dropped dramatically. Facebook wants you to PAY to reach the audience you have already built. The cost of these ads are increasing steadily and becoming less and less profitable for business owners. Most of the larger social media agencies are still stuck in 2005 using old dying methods (but are still charging thier clients a fortune for the privilege.)

This is the main reason I left the likes of madison ave type agencies and went independant!  I want to work with local business owners and stop them from being taken advantage of from others groups and agencies.  Working with me I can move faster and jump on new opportunities that takes most YEARS to catch up.

By working with you to take advantage of this opportunity, I have put together a package that has business owners like yourself coming to me and making me stand out from the bigger agencies and steal their clients.

My System is a complete local marketing strategy. This is everything you need to find new customers, sign new clients, and provide them with a service they keeping paying for month after month.

Take a look at just some of the things you are getting inside this system:

First you are getting my 'fast rank' Facebook directory checklist.

This checklist is guaranteed to rank your business pages to the top of local directories.

You can follow this yourself to quickly service clients, or give it to an outsourcer or virtual assistant to do all the work for you.

Clients will be amazed and happy to pay your monthly fee once you get them ranked in Facebook’s new directory.

Next you are getting FREE flyers Designed that get you a 70% Facebook check-in rate.

Print is still an essential part of my system becasue just so damn effective.   After months of trial and error applying this strategy to other local business niches (plus over $2,000 paid to my graphic designer) I have put together the most effective designs that work for ANY local business.

Listen: Having customers check-in on Facebook boosts your rank on Facebook, Yelp, Foursquare Google directory. It also advertisese the place to all of that customer's friends AND opts that customer in to receive future promotions and deals. Not bad for a simple flyer.

I've spent thousands of dollars on designers to test every possible combination for my clients, and these flyers when posted by the business owner have gotten nearly 70% or more of their customers to pull out their phone and check in on Facebook.

You're also getting access to an exclusive partnership with me a top social media marketing consultant.

With this partnership, I provide ALL the servicing for your online footprint including:

  • Full Facebook account creation and optimization.

  • 14 high-quality graphics for your client each and every month.

  • 8 high-quality curated articles every month for your client's page.

  • 24-hour response to any messages sent to your client's Facebook.

  • Monthly report outlining EVERYTHIING going on their Facebook page.

Best of all, you get your own custom dashboard to see everything in action:

Our system is 100% done for you servicing is EVERYTHING you need to double your business this year!

Imagine new customers walking into your business everyday from the work of our system!  WE deliver results like these... Have the proof to back it up... AND can deliver in a matter of days. 

How to send Facebook notifications when a potential customer walks by your client's place -Imagine a potential customer walks by your place and they receive a notice on their phone


Posts like this can DOUBLE a business's walk in traffic and have each customer spending more money. 

We implement Facebook check-ins for your clients using a simple flyer - Tested campaigns generate as much as a 70% check-in rate for local clients (only takes minutes to set up for a client, with everything included for you)

Fact: When a customer checks into your business, your business will appear at the top of their newsfeed EVERYTIME you have a promotion. That means you are turning customers into repeat customers.

Fact: When a customer checks in, your posts will start to appear on their friend's newsfeed generating a new batch of customers for your business. There is NOTHING you love more than new customers.

We Use Facebook's new 'offline sales tracker' to track the money your campaigns generate for your business - You will see every dollar that your Facebook work has brought into your business. You will NEVER have to question the value of my work.

How To Grow Your Business Today!

Free Marketing Presentation

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No more waiting months or even years to see results!

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Engadge with customer RIGHT NOW with near INSTANT RESULTS

 Fast Results

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 Local Marketing

Fast and Relevant customers in your direct service area

Hi I am Kristian Ward and I have Found the secret recipe to Combining the power of Facebook, Yelp, Google and Mobile. I am Putting your business on more peoples mobile phones then you could ever imagine!

 Right now you might be saying:  facebook doesnt work? Ive done SEO? Yelp is To Expensive!

 Look below and ask yourself if you would want your business on the top of these listings?

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Warning: Don't try this on your own

You Deserve RESULTS.

My system follows a tried and proven method that I follow to get any business location showing up at the top of Facebook and Google in as little as 2 days.

The included flyers will have your customers using Facebook's 'Check-in' system as soon as you start using them.

YOU will see more customers and more revenue within days of using the materials I provide you.

Sure, you could try to 'figure out' the steps in this checklist, or pay some designer $500 or more to create these flyers for you. You could try to find an outsourcer who provides even half the services that you are getting done for you by me...

But why spend all that time and money trying to figure it out when I have already done the work for you?

Why risk failing on your own when you could have just worked with me to get RESULTS for your business in days rather than weeks or months?

Ok Kristian, I'm In... So How Much Will This Cost Me?

Listen: My proven sales materials, Facebook ranking checklist, check in flyers, and hand-holding walkthroughs can be used to build any business from scratch with nothing more than a Facebook Page, Google Places Page and Yelp listing.  I dont even care if you have a WEBSITE!

It took me years of trial and error, and thousands of dollars on designers and developers to perfect these materials.

How much is a system proven to double if not triple your business worth to you?




Considering my clients typically pay a $5,000 set up fee and $3,000 a month for these same services, which you COULD make that invest back... A small price to pay to have a jump start in your business.

But Most of my clients see returns that far exceed that whether they use them to grow their business, or to start from scratch.

Not to mention the money you save using this inbound client generation... No need for expensive Pay per click, direct mail for thousands of dollars.

So if you are on this page consider yourself lucky. You get my complete services for a fraction of what you would normally pay working with anyone else!

Today... You will NOT be paying my normal fee of $2,500.

Heck, you won't even have to pay my webinar price of $1499 for my services.

By acting today, you are getting everything in order to double if not triple your local business for only $699 Per Month.

Want to See This System In Action?
I’ll Do You One Better…
Try It For Free!

With my 30 day ‘triple’ guarantee you can try this system for a full 30 days on me.

If at any time during the next 30 days you decide this isn’t for you…

Send me an email with the word ‘refund’ and I will send you back every penny… With no questions and no hassles.

You keep everything we did. Sound fair enough?

You need to move fast on this right now though, the early bird pricing is going to disappear fast.

Here’s what to do now: Click on the Get Started button below, fill out your PayPal information on the next page and click buy button. After you complete your checkout, you will be contact by myself in order to setup our first meeting whether in person or by phone depending on your location.



+ $499 Setup Fee

The Platinum package is an all-in-one social media package that covers major social media channels. The service includes unique content creation, brand monitoring, Facebook ads management, and other social media activities.


  • All-in-one social media package covering all social media activities for the business with specific activities and dedicated social media hours for custom requirements of the business. 

  • Professional content management with blended unique and sourced content provided in a one-month calendar for review and approval at the start of each month.

  • Total social media strategy covering all aspects of online branding and social media - branding guidelines, persona, engagement strategy, content strategy, and verticals.

  • Customizable goals for Social Media - content, engagement, and posting tailored specifically for the goal selected.



+$299 Setup Fee

The Starter package will drive awareness, calls, and foot traffic for local businesses that have a physical office or is location-specific. It focuses on sophisticated targeting, high-quality creatives, and turnkey social media service to propel results and provide ROI on the business.


  • All-in-one social media package covering all social media activities for the business with specific activities for custom requirements of the business.

  • Professional content management with blended unique and sourced content provided in a one-month calendar for review and approval at the start of each month.

  • Total social media strategy covering all aspects of online branding and social media - branding guidelines, persona, engagement strategy, content strategy, and verticals.

  • Customizable goals for Social Media - content, engagement, and posting tailored specifically for the goal selected.

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Hi Im Kristian Ward an Entrepreneurial executive with broad experience at the intersection of technology and marketing, including a strong background in digital marketing, marketing technology, web development, software-as-a-service (SaaS), and product development + management. I am passionate about building agile, high-performance teams to bring to market imaginative products and services.

Specialties: Software development, product development, product management, Local marketing technology, Local digital marketing, agile management, conversion optimization, entrepreneurial team building, marketing strategy, web development, SaaS, online marketing, Social Media Marketing + Optimization, SEO, Local SEO, Small Business Marketing.

We help businesses maximize their online presence with a personalized approach to digital marketing.​​​​​​​